The National Political Science Bee has finalized its qualifying scores for the 2021 National Political Science Bee. Students must score at a minimum of these scores on any one of the three versions of the exam within their age division in order to qualify for the National Championships. The qualifying scores are as follows:

A Set Exam Version – Varsity: 56  Junior Varsity: 41
B Set Exam Version – Varsity: 54  Junior Varsity: 48
C Set Exam Version – Varsity: 78  Junior Varsity: 57

For the 2020-2021 academic year (i.e. the year for which these scores were derived, and the academic year for which these scores qualify students for the 2021 National Championships on September 5-6), the top 60% rather than 50% of students’ scores were used to determine the qualifying scores as students did not have the opportunity to qualify based on finishing in the top 50% at their given exam site). The scores were determined as of a specific date in early spring 2021 – subsequent scores of students taking the exam will not change the official qualifying scores.